Titanic / SS Nomadic Belfast

The Titanic Quarter and the SS Nomadic ship both are a must for all Tourist in Northern Ireland. Ashbrook House B&B is a perfect location in central northern Ireland plus close to the boarder for visiting the south of Ireland.
This is a visitor attraction and a monument to Belfast’s maritime heritage on the site of Harland and Wolff shipyard in the city’s Titanic Quarter where the RMS Titanic was built. It is a 40 minute drive from Ashbrook House B&B, Aughnacloy, Dungannon.


The building is located on Queen’s Island, an area of land at the entrance of Belfast Lough which was reclaimed from the water in the mid-19th century. It was used for many years by the shipbuilders Harland and Wolff, who built huge slipways and docks to accommodate the construction of Olympic and Titanic sister ships.

The building, now known as Titanic Belfast, is a must see to All visitors who come to Northern Ireland.
The Titanic experience takes you through nine galleries, telling the story of RMS Titanic, from her conception in Belfast in the early 1900s, through her construction and launch, to her famous maiden voyage and tragic end. The galleries are innovative and interactive with many features including diving to the depth of the ocean to explore where RMS Titanic now rests. The Titanic story is told at Titanic Belfast in a fresh and insightful way.

On entering, visitors can step back in time learn about the thriving industries and exciting design innovations that led to the creation of RMS Titanic – the largest and most luxurious ship in the world in Belfast before passing through the original Harland & Wolff gates to continue their journey to the Shipyard and the dark ride that uses special effects, animations and full-scale reconstructions to recreate the reality of shipbuilding in the early 1900s
Guests then move on to paying tribute to the loss of this magnificent ship and the 1,500 men, women and children who lost their lives on her tragic maiden voyage, experience the aftermath, the inquiries and the sensational news reports of the time. The story is then brought up to the present with the discovery of the wreck and into the future with live links to contemporary undersea exploration.

SS Nomadic

After a visit to the Titanic Centre the next port of call has to be a visit to the SS Nomadic.
Originally built alongside the mighty RMS Titanic in Belfast in 1911, the SS Nomadic is much more than just “Titanic’s little sister”. Designed by Thomas Andrews and built using the same design and similar luxurious finishes the similarities to the Titanic are plain to see. Being exactly one quarter of the size of her famous friend, the Nomadic is often referred to as “a mini Titanic” Over 100 years of history and adventures are evident the minute you step on board.
In April 1912, the Nomadic completed her most famous task by transferring the excited first and second-class passengers from the shallow dockside in Cherbourg out to the Titanic, which was moored in deeper water just off shore. In awe of the White Star Line luxury and ground breaking design those passengers were blissfully unaware of the tragic fate awaiting many of them only days later.

Whitestar Ship

As the last remaining White Star Line ship anywhere in the world and a member of the core collection on the National Historic Ships register, the Nomadic is back “home” in Belfast, after 100 years, and has been painstakingly restored to her original glory. The Nomadic has now opened a new chapter in her history and is looking forward to welcoming a whole new generation of visitors on board.

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